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About KRC

     My name is Katie Rae Chambers and I am the woman behind the camera of KRC Photography based in Michigan! I have always had an eye for taking photos of anything I saw around me and when I started social media my interest in photography just continued to grow! I've always had an interest in the digital and graphic design side of the equine world and would practice certain art and design styles for fun! To this day I still have a personal goal of becoming efficient in photoshop and later graphic design! After many years in 2020, I finally got my first camera and since then things have been slowly growing! I have spent many hours behind the camera learning how to capture key images that show off the horses' conformation, talent, and beauty. If I wasn't taking photos of horses in a pasture I was at a show learning how to catch people's most monumental moments in the arena! I'm still learning and growing but I'm very excited to expand out and capture more timeless moments whether it is a Horse and Rider session or a monumental moment in the arena. 

   Thank you for all your support!


Image Credit - TM Photography & Design

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